Get tomorrow’s real estate capital today.

A new marketplace turning tenant leases into capital and building high value portfolios.
No more debt, collateral, or red tape.

LeaseX is the marketplace for rental property landlords and qualified investors.



Turn tenant leases into instant capital.


Accelerate development and increase revenue.



Build a real estate portfolio without owning property.


Negotiate your terms and start receiving monthly distributions within 30 days.

How it works

Landlords “mint” non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) as unique digital representations of cash flow from real, validated rental properties.

Investors can purchase NFTs from landlords at a discounted percentage of the face value.

Landlords receive the capital they need to grow faster. Investors build a real estate portfolio and earn distributions without owning property.

Building wealth in real estate is complicated and time-consuming…

If you're a landlord, it means multiple legal and banking partners, hundreds of hours of legal work, and continuously seeking capital (not easy when you’re locked into 20+ year loans and tax ramifications).

If you’re an investor, it requires time and careful calculations—and you’re at the mercy of market rates and inflation.

Track your growth in real time.

Why NFTs?

Every LeaseX NFT is minted from a validated and verified lease, and protected with blockchain hashing. So you’re not investing in crypto currency—you’re investing in real, physical properties, without the legal or financial hassle. It’s safe, stable, and secure.


Secure Platform.

LeaseX technology is built on blockchain and hashing technology, so you can feel confident that every transaction is safe and secure.


Streamlined Onboarding and Validation Process.

Validate your properties with our customer service team and view their status at any time.


Exclusive Marketplace.

Only qualified investors and verified landlords get access to LeaseX, ensuring safe and secure investments on validated properties.


Access to capital.

Landlords collect capital when investors purchase NFTs, and investors start receiving distributions within 30 days.

Meet the next gen banking

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About Our Founder & CEO

With over 25 years of experience in real estate development, founder and CEO Rod Wilson knows the industry.

He knows firsthand how hard it is to go through due diligence to get a deal financed to get access to cash flow.

After searching for more efficient, reliable ways to secure funding, and feeling disappointed by the alternatives, Rod decided it was time to develop his own.

LeaseX is the result.

Our Commitment

  • Verified and validated property leases.

  • Returns above Avg. S&P 500 Rate of Returns for qualified investors.

  • Blockchain hashing secured.