Access the equity in your real estate today.

A new marketplace for residential rental real estate private equities. Selling or refinancing is no longer the only option to access your equity gains.

LeaseX is the marketplace for rental property landlords to access their equity



Release a portion of your equity to LeaseX investors


Cost back to zero basis in existing projects



Diversify by owning equity in projects throughout the US


Receive quarterly distributions while real estate appreciates over time

Building wealth in real estate is complicated and time-consuming…

If you're a landlord, it means multiple legal and banking partners, hundreds of hours of legal work, and continuously seeking capital (not easy when you’re locked into 20+ year loans and tax ramifications).

If you’re an investor, it requires time and careful calculations—and you’re at the mercy of market rates and inflation.

Track your growth in real time

Why LeaseX?

Every LeaseX asset is a validated and verified property. Invest in the equity of real estate properties, without the legal or financial hassle. It’s safe, stable, and secure.


Secure Platform

LeaseX uses technology to eliminate the red tape of the investment process.


Streamlined Access to Capital

Gain access to investment opportunities and deploy capital for your next project


Exclusive Marketplace

Only qualified investors and verified landlords get access to LeaseX, ensuring safe and secure investments on validated properties.


Active Management

LeaseX handles all distributions, cap table management, reporting, and more. All available on your LeaseX account portal.

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