Why LeaseX.io?

The traditional methods of investing in real estate and gaining access to capital are slow, litigious, and complex.  LeaseX is an exclusive marketplace that empowers landlords and qualified investors with blockchain technology, enabling them to participate in the real estate market, build cash flow, and earn distributions, all while cutting red tape and hundreds of hours spent on due diligence, capital raising, and legal paperwork.

Why we’re different

LeaseX is the first real estate NFT marketplace in its space to offer an NFT as an asset that represents capital from a rental property..

It’s where the power of blockchain technology connects growth-minded landlords and investors, giving them unique and profitable investment opportunities. We’re part of a major shift, a first step, in the tech opportunities that are already presenting themselves. Join us and be a part of this exciting ride.

Streamlined validation.

Our Know Your Customer (KYC) and Lease Validation process ensures that leases are valid. It’s efficient, fast, and reliable.

Securely built on blockchain.

All transactions are validated and protected thanks to blockchain and hashing. Bid, purchase, analyze growth, and access revenue, all from one simple dashboard.

Instant cash flow.

Landlords unlock instant capital from every NFT purchase, empowering them to more quickly acquire new units and grow.

Distributions within 30 days.

Investors choose the rate, terms, the price, and can start earning distributions in as little as 30 days.