About LeaseX.io

Get tomorrow’s real estate capital today.
Turn tenant leases into cash flow, or build a high-premium portfolio.
No more debt, collateral, or red tape.

Who We Are

LeaseX.io is a tech platform that bridges old methods of real estate investment with new technology to make growth faster, more secure, and more profitable for all stakeholders involved.

LeaseX was founded by Rod Wilson, a developer who has been in real estate development and construction most of his life, and it’s built on a decentralized network ecosystem: a Hashed.io Network soon to be submitted to Kusama and Polkadot Parachain.

Our Story

Having worked in every facet of the real estate development industry, LeaseX CEO Rod Wilson knows the intimate challenges of both. He has spent years raising capital and arranging debt for projects, and has seen how difficult it is for owners and developers to obtain capital and grow their portfolio.

Rod realized that usually equity partners make the lion’s share of the profit, while the developers and owners get the small leftover profits after everyone else has been paid.  

Rod developed the idea for LeaseX in the fall of 2021, and began brainstorming with Bobby Knott and Jeff Felber shortly after.

Together they assembled a team of subject matter experts, began building the platform, and LeaseX was born.

Our Mission

To give corporate landlords and qualified investors greater access to the $774B residential rental market—and give them more control and ease when it comes to accessing capital to grow real estate portfolios and securing less risky real estate investment products.


Offers landlords instant access to future revenue by using an NFT to represent the cash flow from tenant leases. Landlords can then use this capital to purchase more units, accelerate growth, and increase revenue.

Gives investors the ability to invest in real estate and lock in guaranteed ROI by purchasing an NFT at a discount from face value. Investors get to choose the price, term, and percentage rate of return before deploying any investment capital—and they can start receiving payments in as little as 30 days.

We guarantee the security of the exchange, the validity of properties, and the capability to invest in high quality properties owned by well-known institutions.

Our Leadership

Rod Wilson

With over 25 years of experience in real estate development, LeaseX.io founder and CEO Rod Wilson knows the industry.

He knows firsthand how hard it is to go through due diligence to get a deal financed and to get access to cash flow.

After searching for more efficient, reliable ways to secure funding, and feeling disappointed by the alternatives, Rod decided it was time to develop his own.


Hashed Networks is the team behind the LeaseX platform.

Hashed Networks has been developing software for businesses for more than 20 years. They began focusing exclusively on blockchain development in 2017.

Since then they have developed applications for companies like Deloitte and others.

They have more than 12 Dapps in production, and are a profitable, proven company.