Traditional real estate investing is broken.

Whether you’re the landlord of small or large units, you know that time is money.  Unfortunately, the traditional methods of investing in real estate and gaining access to capital are slow, litigious, and complex.  They don’t allow you to take full advantage of good times and trending cycles because they move so slow. Yes, property values increase over time. But so do operational expenses.

And usually, it’s the equity partners who make the lion’s share of the profit, while you get whatever small profits are left over after everyone else has been paid. Your best exit strategy is to sell the property to a large Institutional buyer, or hold until all the debt is paid down and the equity investors are paid back, then refinance to receive a lump sum tax free. Either way, you only reap the rewards years later—unless you happen to be a substantial investor in the equity stack.
That’s where LeaseX comes in. helps you access capital, save time, and grow faster.

LeaseX empowers you to capture annual income from one rental property in one lump sum, freeing you up to start development or buy another property. This accelerates the process of controlling more units, and allows you to make more money faster.

LeaseX is the tool that gets you instant access to future revenue so you can acquire more units faster and accelerate your revenue.

Transform 12-month leases into instant capital.

Put down less collateral.

Cut the red tape.

How it works


Get in touch with our sales team, create your account, and verify your properties.


Validate your tenant leases and mint an NFT.


Mark your validated tenant lease NFTs for sale on the LeaseX marketplace.


Accept bids and collect capital!

Ready to accelerate your wealth and growth?