Invest in real estate without having to own it.

Investing in real estate is costly, complex, and time-consuming. You need the time and capital to qualify your investments. You pay legal expenses. You do a lot of waiting around for properties to be approved, built, renovated, or sold. Usually your payout comes in the form of low premiums, especially if you’re investing in real estate the traditional way. And that’s not even accounting for additional outside factors like inflation, stagflation, or recessions.

LeaseX offers an investment marketplace allow for a locked in rate of return. You enjoy all the benefits of safe, high returns real estate offers without having to own an acre.

Better returns, more stability, less risk.

When you invest with LeaseX, you get access to more residential real estate capital, data, and institutional developers, with far less risk than traditional real estate investing methods.

And you get the opportunity to invest, set your rate, terms of return, and price all before making any investment.

And you can start earning distributions as soon as the next pay period (within 30 days)—no delays, excuses, or bad information.

While LeaseX is a new product, we’re committed to expanding the platform from a minimum viable product to a fully functioning product and expanding into commercial real estate in the near future. gives you:

Simple, locked-in, high returns on investment, guaranteed.

A rate of return above the average rate of return of the S&P 500 for your clients.

More control over price, rates, and terms.

How it works


Create your account.


Load your wallet.


Browse open NFT Investments.


Place your bids.


Once approved, sign the agreement and start collecting distributions.

Ready to tap into the $774B residential rental market?