How does LeaseX Verify the Validity of the Rental Properties?

Our Know Your Customer (KYC) and Lease Validation process guarantees that the lease is valid by collecting legal paperwork from every property.

How will this impact my mortgage?

Since this is a new asset is not considered debt and has no lien on the title of the realproperty, it is like your tenant paying all their rent upfront. It is the Landlords responsibility to use these funds for the right purposes and continue to pay all current obligations for operational expenses and debt service.

What guarantee do I have that the Landlord will pay the payments every month?

The Landlord is contractually obligated to make the payments as detailed in the smart contract and furtherhas agreed to preauthorize future transfers of the agreed upon amount and date of each transfer.

If a landlord is in breach of the contract the Investor hasthe right to execute legal action.

The Landlord will also be removed from the LeaseX application in the event of abreach of contract.

What happens if the Tenant doesn’t pay their rent, or they abandon the property

The Landlord is responsible for all property management issues, i.e.: collecting rent, property maintenance, etc.

The legal obligation for the Landlord to pay the Investor as agreed is not conditional upon the tenant paying the rent each month. The Landlord will need to compensate for that risk to meet their obligation.

Does LeaseX hold or manage users money?

No, LeaseX provides the marketplace and tools for Users to create, validate, and transact a buy/sell agreement of an asset.

All money transfers are processed on a third-party secure site and are directly between the Landlord and the Investor.

How do you verify if a lease is real?

LeaseX verifies the Landlord during the onboarding process.

Once verified the Landlord is granted access to upload Tenant Lease Agreements and mints the NFT. LeaseX then performs a second verification to validate that the address is owned by the Landlord.

Upon validation and verification the NFT is put up for sale.